What we finally reached, after spending twelve years in Kishibe,
was something very natural and very simple.

People are connected by bread, by ingredients, and share it together.
Bread is warmth.

Here I realized again the peculiarity of the business category of a bakery.
For the culinary customer, the threshold is overwhelmingly low and the frontage is wide.
Although it is a merchandise store, you can eat and then go home.
A lot of people come to our shop casually, and they sense all that goes into our products.

I find this to be surprisingly open and agreeable.

What we wish in a new land is to become food interpreters in the city.
Bread, sweets, vegetables, cheese, ham and patties, olive oil,
coffee, tea, wine, soy sauce, miso, books, and music.
The suppliers I meet through LE SUCRÉ-COEUR,
we stand here together with the thoughts of all these people.
I want our patrons to touch the feelings of all these artisans.
Sharing this will surely enlighten all of us.

Make your daily life more enjoyable and rich.
People gather, connect and share,
things we can do because we are a bakery.

Together, let us share the sights we have yet to see.


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